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Last Updated: 24th October, 2020

Social Login Overview | Okta Developer  

Social Login. Okta allows your users to sign in to your app using credentials from external social login providers. Once the user has successfully authenticated, they are returned to your app, and their social ...

Okta Developer Edition | Okta  

Building identity and access management into an app is hard. That's why we launched APIs and a developer edition earlier this year, helping developers add ...

Okta | The Identity Standard  

Okta is the identity standard. The most complete access management platform for your workforce and customers, securing all your critical resources from cloud to ground.

Developer Sign Up | Okta  

Developer Sign Up Developer Edition is free forever and provides the complete Okta Identity Platform for up to 3 applications and 100 users. Using Okta at ...

Okta Developer Forums  

8/16/2019  · A place for the Okta developer community to interact. Is there a way to dynamically load okta config variables during runtime in Angular

SAML Overview | Okta  

Two issues arise. First is the need to identify the right IDP if authentication of a federated identity is needed. With SP-initiated login, the SP initially does not know anything about the identity. As a devel...

Okta Account Chooser  

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GitHub - oktadeveloper/java-microservices-examples: Java ...  

8/28/2019  · The api-gateway and car-service projects are already pre-configured to be locked down with OAuth 2.0 and Okta. That means if you try to run them, you won't be able to login until you create an ac...

okta-oidc-into-apigee | Okta Community Toolkit  

The Admin username and password that you use to login to enterprise.apigee.com. The name of the organization in which you have an account. Login to enterprise.apigee.com and check account settings. Create a cac...

Questions - Okta Developer Forums  

8/20/2019  · This category is for questions to help those who are building applications on the Okta Platform and those who are preparing their application for the Okta Application Network.

Problems logging in?

If you feel that something went wrong and you are having hard time logging in, see our easy and simple checklist prior to calling the support line and holding in a call queue. We know how frustrating it is. However, 99% problems with logins are about a very small error that you can easily fix. Let us cover the basic things to help you out!

how to login

Do you know the details?

Are you sure that you know the login and password? Great! This is the main thing you need. Now make sure you are dialing exactly what you need. Make sure that you do not make a silly typo or a mistake when dialing your password. Didn’t work out? Then check out the following:

1. Make sure the Caps Lock button is off.

2. Sometimes the Password Manager built into your browser causes certain inconvenience. Make sure it works right or just turn it off and do everything manually.

3. Note the symbols you enter, as some passwords are case-sensitive. This is where the Caps Lock also matters.

We hope this simple checklist helps!